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         I don't have litters very often but when i do alot of thought goes into my planning....

When breeding, my aim is to breed happy, healthy, confident puppies that conform to the standard and above all else have the lovely typical 'Golden temperament we love to live with.

        My puppies are reared in my home with the utmost love, care and attention, and are used to everyday household noises and will also have been out in the garden on warmer, dry days with the 'big girls' getting used to the sounds of the outside world.


When my puppies leave me.......

         They will be Kennel Club registered, Microchipped, Vet checked, have 5 weeks Insurance, Wormed up to date, puppy pack, 3kg of ProPlan and a folder of information that is relevant and important when owning a puppy.


        They will have two endorsements -

        1- Progeny not eligible for registration .........

2 - Not eligible for issue of export pedigree.

        These endorsements can only be lifted at my discretion in conjunction with the K.C.


  I won't sell puppies to homes where the family is out at work All day.


   Each and every puppy that i breed is very precious to me and it is my responsibility to place them in suitable, approved, permanent, loving homes only, and therefore there will be  contracts to agree to and sign for their protection. It is important to me that my puppyowners stay in touch with me so that i can follow their progress.

They will be ready to leave at 8 weeks of age, and i will always be here to help in any way that i can.

FOR ENQUIRIES - on a current or future litter - you are very welcome to contact me -

If I don't have a litter I can hopefully put you in touch with a reputable breeder who does have litter......

If you want or need any help or advice please get in touch.


PLEASE  only buy a puppy if you have done your homework and you are absolutely sure you can cope with all the hard work that it entails - And only buy from a reputable breeder, this is the only way to stop puppy farming. As long as people are buying puppies from them - they WILL keep breeding.

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*****I'm sorry but I don't have any plans for puppies*****