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About me..... and how it all started

I live in Gloucestershire with my three lovely Golden Retriever bitches and my male Spanish dog 'Aimee-Lou' 'Molly' 'Meesha' & 'Oliver'

I have owned this lovely breed for 36 years. I bought my first bitch 'Kerry' in 1984 from a local kennel as a pet, and apart from loving her for who she was I now can appreciate what good conformation she had, along with a really nice pedigree. From the moment I took her home I knew then that I could never be without one or two!

I decided that I would like to have a litter from her, and from that litter of five I kept a bitch who I called 'Elsa' (Briarleigh Elsa) and she was to change everything! I took out my own affix which then was 'Maystan' (the name came from two of my Grandparents names... (Violet May and Gilbert Stanley).

I thought I would have a go at showing her and that was it - I was hooked! She was a natural 'showgirl' and loved every minute of it.

I kept putting off having a litter from her as obviously breeding comes with risks, but I was 'torn' as I desperately wanted to have a daughter from her, so eventually when she was four and a half I mated her to 'Sh.Ch. Rusway Sonnie Jim at Bridgefarm', she had a lovely litter of nine .... four bitches and five dogs. From this litter I kept 'Abbi' ('Maystan Ballymoss') she had the most lovely temperament and sweetest biddable nature along with a lovely character. Abbi had two to 'Denmarella Just a Jester' and her second litter to 'Millgreen Caesar of Catcombe'......

In the litter to 'Caesar' there was an especially lovely puppy bitch I called Chloe (Maystan Dawns Delight) but unfortunately at that time I was not in a position to keep her, so she went to live with friends and was to return to me four years later, and i'm so glad she did, she was so like her Mum 'Abbi' with the same beautiful temperament.

That was about the time I started a long break from the showing/breeding side of things, so 'Chloe' was never bred from....however one of Chloe's Brothers 'Harry' (Maystan Dorset Buccaneer) who belonged to some friends, had produced a litter, so I decided to have one of the bitch puppies  .... and she was called 'Megan' (Vetarra Memento) She too was never bred from, but again had the most lovely temperament, so biddable and easy....

Sadly also by this time i'd lost 'Kerry' and 'Elsa'.

In 2003 my enthusiasm started to return and in 2005 decided to have a puppy from my friend Elaine Bond (Trebell Goldens) who i've known for many years....I also took out my new affix ''Mavistan'' which again was made up from my Grandparents names.

My new puppy was called 'Phoebe' Trebell True Picture of Mavistan and she was to start me on another journey one more time.

All my dogs have individual personalities and are all an absolute pleasure to live with.


BELOW - Photos from 'The Old Days'


                       Elsa - Kerry - Abbi                                                     Abbi - Kerry - Elsa

girls @p.ave

                    Kerry - Abbi - Elsa                               Tom (my Son) Kerry - Abbi -me & Elsa  


me tom girls elsa,kerry,abbi girls playing

         'Kerry' (standing) with 'Elsa' and 'Abbi'                


Elsa - Abbi - Kerry


By Swe'Ch Floprym Rivaldo

(Imp' Swe')

ex 'Mavistan Electra'


Hip Score: 11 : 7  -  Elbows: 1

          Clear Eyes        

 GR_PRA 1 & 2 Clear




'Mavistan Genevieve'


'Mavistan Lark Song'

By Kapplandet's Shan Nan Ershiyi (Imp'Swe')

ex 'Mavistan Electra'


Hip Score: 6 : 4  -  Elbows: 0

Clear eyes

GR_PRA 1 & 2 Clear

DSC_0106 copy molly 1_edited-1


'Jazz Dance De Ria Vela of Mavistan' (Imp' Esp')


By Multi Champion Ritzilyn Rick O' Shay ex Champion Dancing Queen De Ria Vela


Hip Score: 7 : 5  -  Elbows: 0  -  Clear eyes  -  Gonioscopy Clear  -  GR_PRA 1 & 2  Clear


'Mavistan Nimeesha'

By Show Champion 'Putjade Pajazzo' ex 'Mavistan Lark Song'

Copy of OLIVER - 12.2.16


Hip Score:  3 : 6  -  Elbows: 0  -  Clear eyes  -  GR_PRA 1 & 2 Clear