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 'Megan' & 'Abbi'          

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Megan was very special, as she was the fifth generation from my first lines, and goes back to my first bitch 'Kerry' -

I bought 'Megan' in, as friends of mine who had a dog from me (Chloe's brother, Harry) had sired a litter, so I had pick of the bitches.

Megan was an absolute joy and pleasure to live with, her temperament was soft, gentle, loving and biddable. She adored everyone and everything that crossed her path -

In the evenings she would go around all the other dogs cleaning their ears and generally mothering the others!

She especially loved children and would run as far as she had to  to be with them! And at bedtime one of my cats would curl up with Megs to sleep with.

I treasured everyday that I had with her, and I'm so grateful that I got to spend over 15 years with her, I wouldn't have missed it for the world

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      ( Megan on her 12th Birthday)

'Vettarra Memento'

Megan on her

12th Birthday!

Wet again!!!!!


Run free 'Meggy Peggy' - I miss you xxx